One size fits all isn’t for everyone, and at Rasta we believe in delivering the right choices that matter to you. Our products qualities are classified as Good (Classic), Better (Multi Power) and Best (Specialist Line) to help you chose the right product for every material, machine and application. Offering an optimal ratio between performance, life-time and price, our complete range includes cutting-off and grinding wheels, flap discs, diamond blades, cup wheels, fibre discs and protection equipment.


Formula 1 is Suitable for use on steel and stainless steel.  Ideal for use on materials less than 2mm thick - Produces minimal vibration for more comfortable working - Excellent manoeuvrability and extremely fast cutting - Burr-free cutting - High stability - Made of aggressive premium zirconia grain.


Specialist Line is Rasta’s premium quality product line containing products designed to meet the demands of the most discerning users. The products work faster and have a much longer life than the industry standard, giving excellent performance and lower total operating costs.


Multi-Power-Line is Rasta’s main product line. It contains a wide range of products for use in all commonly encountered abrasive applications. Rasta’s Multi-Power-Line offers high performance, high value products making Rasta Multi-Power-Line the ideal choice for the professional user.


Rasta Classic professional cutting-off wheels are characterised by high performance with excellent price/ performance ratio. They are suitable for cutting-off a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and stone.